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About Heifer Project International

Heifer Project International (HPI) is an organization rooted in a community tradition of caring for neighbors. HPI fosters self-sufficiency by providing people with the means to feed themselves. They give animals to families in need and offer comprehensive training in environmentally sound, sustainable agriculture. Recipients then pass on the gift by sharing their animals’ offspring with other families. Since 1944, HPI has helped more than 4 million hungry families in the United States and 118 other countries move toward self-reliance. You can learn more about HPI on their website at www.heifer.org.

Heifer Project International has approved a special project to provide farm animals to the Mwengere group in Bura, Kenya. This project was initiated by First Parish Church of Newbury with help from the Newburyport-Bura Alliance. We invite you to join us in a community-wide effort to bring this project to fulfillment.

This is a picture of the first of 12 pregnant heifers to arrive in Bura, taken by one of our members in March 2005.

A Project for the Greater Newburyport Area

The project budget totals $22,000 and includes: 12 cross-breed heifers, insurance, immunization, male and female goats, beehives and gear, spray pumps, and several training sessions for the people living in Bura.

We are asking individuals, organizations, and local churches to contribute to this special project. As pledge incentives, you can use Heifer gift cards and make your donation a gift to your family or friends. Heifer ark banks are available for children. For information about contributing to this project, please e-mail Mike Chesla, the Heifer/Bura Coordinator, or call him at 978-499-0096. You can also call First Parish Church of Newbury at 978-465-5597.

The first calf born from a donated heifer. The cow was named Zawadi (Kiswahili for "gift") and the calf Faida ("profit".)

This is one of 36 beehives now in Bura. It was gratifying to see bees had already discovered the hive!